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Site update 03/01/14 - New Themes
Posted Mar 01 2014, 03:34 AM
Hey all, over the past few weeks I've been making a number of changes to ForgeRP, all of which went live a few minutes ago. The updates are largely aesthetic, but there are a few functional ones as well. Now, on to business.
-Selectable Themes-
Now instead of one look, there are five themes to choose from.
  • ForgeRP Classic - The original theme made a year ago.
  • ForgeRP Dark - A new and improved version of the original look.
  • ForgeRP Light - A light variant of the base theme.
  • Game Changer - A Moddb inspired color scheme.
  • Redwood - A Game Changer variant.
Any of these themes can be chosen and applied by going to Profile, Look and Layout, Current Theme.

Other site changes include a generally cleaner interface(Particularly regarding the topics and posts), RPG Rating integration(See their site for details) and the addition of a section for Compiled RPs. It's still under construction, and a couple RPs have been compiled and added as examples. In the future it'll be a place to put completed and compiled RPs, if the RPers involved so desire.

That's all for now, till next time.

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