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Creating a new RP
Posted Apr 04 2013, 10:54 PM
Here is a bare-bones template on creating an RP. A more detailed guide will be written and added later.


"Name of RP"

"A paragraph describing the basic story premise of the RP."

Genre = (Sci Fi, fantasy, contemporary, etc. as well as mood. Example, "Dark/Fantasy", or "Lighthearted/Sci Fi")
Setting = (Name of the world the RP is set in, and if possible, a link to the Wikia page for it)
RP Type = (What kind of RP is this? Action, mystery, war, ect.)
How to join = (If it's a private RP, say how to join here. Examples: "Invite Only", "Closed", "Apply in Thread")
Maximum authors = (If it's an Open RP, you may want to limit how many people can join)
(More options can go here, these are just the basics)

Rules: Write down all the rules and specifications for joining and writing in the RP. The typical rules are as follows, though you may add more or less so long as they don't contradict the global RP rules.

Writing Style = (Casual means that people can write however they want, detailed means they must write details, actions and descriptions as if they were writing a book)
Character limit per-author = (This is how many characters each player is allowed to have - this is usually 1 or 2, though it can be more)
Character death = (Describe how player character's deaths are handled - Does a player have to give permission for someone to kill his character? Is the GM allowed to kill of other player's characters? Or can any player character kill another?)

Specify any other Character-rules or requirements for the RP. Such as, minimum/maximum age of characters, different power levels and restrictions, and anything else you can think of. Also remember to say whether or not other players may create NPCs, or if there's a limit to how many NPCs, etcetera.

Strong language = Yes/No (Whether or not the RPers are allowed to use the more vulgar swear words in this RP or not)
Mature content = Yes/No (This governs how much sex, violence, and mature themes are allowed in the RP. If no, then the RP should be considered "PG-13", if yes, then "R". Note that explicit cybersex is not allowed even if set to "Yes")

If either Strong language or Mature content are set at "Yes", then you must put "[M]" without the quotations at the beginning of the thread title. For example, if you made an RP called "Dawnbreaker", and mature content was allowed, then you would call the thread "[M] Dawnbreaker".

Please note, that while the RP creator can add as many rules as he or she wants, it's usually a good idea to not make things very strict, as that will cause many RPers to not want to join. Also remember that, as GM, it is usually your job to provide the story, NPCs, etc.
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