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RP Quotes
Posted Apr 29 2014, 11:36 AM
See any standout quotes from Role Plays? Be they funny, deep, interesting, or just worthy of attention, feel free to post 'em here. Just be sure to quote who and what you're referencing.


I'll start:

Angel: Is it safe?
Bearer: The Urn is non-lethal, except in the rare instance of blunt-force trauma to the cranium with extreme force.

-Dawnbreaker: Legacies, Deleted Scene.
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RP Quotes
Posted Apr 30 2014, 08:41 PM
Angel: Just once I want to walk in and find everything going according to plan.

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RP Quotes
Posted Jun 17 2014, 10:47 PM
"This is awesome! I'm sooo terrified!"

-Cassidy, while being chased by an armed gang in Dawnbreaker: Legacies.

Cassidy: It seems like everyone thinks I'm an annoyance, especially Evan. Bree gives me crap the most, but she's always like that.
Angel: Why? Was this on the flight home or a recurring theme? Cuz on the flight home I sealed the cabin doors airtight and locked myself away from all of you...

-Cassidy and Angel, Dawnbreaker: Legacies..
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RP Quotes
Posted Jun 17 2015, 10:44 AM
Tracy: "I just had... twenty-three pops... No... two or three!"
Erika: "You... You got drunk... on soda."
Tracy: "Drunk... me? Neeever..."


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RP Quotes
Posted Jun 17 2015, 02:39 PM
Kyle: "Oh yeah, we were uh, in the desert. Kind of a long story. You can blame Cassidy for... stuff..."
Evan: "I already do."

Bree: "I love you, Cassidy."
That little mutant Stromboli snuck up on me! GAH... functified again! -Dr. Peter Venkman

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RP Quotes
Posted Jul 26 2015, 10:02 PM
"Your lightsaber would've certainly decapitaed me, but it wouldn't have killed me. I would've just recollected my bodyparts and placed them back on me like nothing happened."

-Tarakus Deadmerit, The Dawnbreaker Tavern.

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RP Quotes
Posted Sep 25 2016, 10:12 PM
"Not to sound like a psychopath, but... what say you we kill the penguin in his sleep, burn the woman, go back to the hospital and kill the Ice King in his sleep, find Ouh's cell, kill him too, then split before anyone notices?"

-Bernard, upon finding the unconscious forms of a penguin and a vampire woman, in a pen and paper RPG.

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RP Quotes
Posted Oct 31 2016, 09:59 AM
Mektora: "Now, how shall we prove who the real traitor is?"
Gort: "And how do you suggest we do that?!"
Summer: "I know! Let's ask the narrator!"
Narrator: Wait what... ask me?
Summer: "Yeah, you know the answer! Why don't you just clear this up?"
Narrator: Eh, okay, sure. Sir Christopher is the traitor.
Everyone: "WHO!?"
Narrator: The guy leaning against the wall behind Sir Rudolph.
Sir Christopher: "Say wha--?"

--The Force discovers a traitor (TSF)

"It was late at night! And I was being paid a lot of money! And I don't like working! Gimme a break!!!"

--Sir Christopher (TSF)

Mektora: "We're clear; it's an empty wine cellar."
Gort: "This was convenient…"
Naeleen: "No it wasn't. Most of the bottles are empty!"


Al: "Do we have a plan of attack?"
The Commander: "We should attack! That is always the best plan of attack!"
Mektora: "Now ju---"
Summer: "Right! CHARGE!!!" *Charges out of the room*
Gort: "Charge then?"
Mektora: "I suppose so. Charge!" *Charges out of the room*
Cranky: "There goes a bunch of violent weirdoes."

--Skilled planners making plans (TSF)

Moore: "Padre, please tell me ya know how to do field dressings."
Padre: "I know how to administer last rights."
Commie: "Oh, fer the love of..."

--(Voyagers of the Void II)

Lauren: "I need to see some proof that you all are legit before I hand my own or my friends' safety over to you. So you can either give me that proof and get some medics over here, or you can shoot at some teenaged girls and see how long you keep your jobs."
Officer 'Stache: "I shoot teenaged girls for breakfast!"
Officer Two: "I think the phrase is supposed to be "eat", right?"
Officer 'Stache: "Oh, please! Eating teenaged girls? That's disgusting man!"

--(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Well gentlemen, I'd say this was a very successful day. A tense situation defused, people dying, a house burned down, and a couple teenage girls shot for breakfast. Yes, very successful indeed."

--Officer 'Stache (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Da Boss: "I can't watch Oprah re-runs without my cable, see? And when I can't watch Oprah, I get very... very... eh, Johnny, what's da word?"
Johnny: "I believe 'bird' is the word you are looking for, captain!"
Da Boss: "I get very, very bird. Now, you tell me, why is da cable out?"

--(Star Pirates)

Da Boss: "Are you questioning my orders, Tony? Do you remember what happens when people don't obey my orders, hm? What's the word Johnny?"
Johnny: "Dead?"
Da Boss: "Dead happens to dose people, Tony. Don't let dead happen to you."

--(Star Pirates)

"I am not a friggin' banana! I'm the Empress of Japan, damn it!"

--Jordan-Li Sasaki (Star Pirates)
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RP Quotes
Posted Nov 09 2016, 06:48 PM
"Lord Sicol, your presence is requested on the Death Star," - stated the message from the Gatekeeper's office to the young Sith Lord stationed at Miller's Cave.

"This plan of yours had better work, Iron..." the Gatekeeper threatened.

"I assure you my Master, it is as clean as the purest lightsaber crystal!" Iron cackled, "Nobody within our ranks, apart from yourself, knows the pocket dimension quite like Lord Sicol!"

"That is my point. Why can I not accomplish this myself?" GK inquired, his tone more insulted than angry.

Iron's broken-toothed grin made another appearance, and he replied with, "Because you can do it perfectly."

Now Ludamigus was just confused.

"Is that a problem?" he asked, following Iron away from the unfinished project that was K-6's corpse and over to one of the many scientific storage cabinets.

"Yes, my Master!" Iron replied sternly, turning around to face the GK with two elements - pure cortosis and a cortosis-laced metallium alloy.

"These are the elements based upon which we are building our Empire, my Master. The element to your left, cortosis - the perfect element. Nearly indestructible. The perfect building block, as it would take a monumental effort to bring it down, right?"


"WRONG!" Iron snapped, crushing the cortosis element with the Force, and levitating the metallium.

"This, a cortosis-based metallium alloy laced with said cortosis is what I like to call the perfect storm, my Master!" he growled insidiously.

"Why do you say that?" GK asked in a calm tone, humoring his friend.

"Because, 'perfection' should not be a base element!" Iron retorted, placing the element away before continuing, "Perfection,' if it does truly exist, should only be used as a complimentary feature. Why? Because anything and everything based on perfection will require perfection! And anything requiring perfection... will... FAIL!"

The Gatekeeper contemplated Iron's words for what seemed like an eternity.

"You're right," he admitted at last, something he wasn't keen on doing, "If I do something as you say, 'perfectly,' as it is in my head, it will require perfect execution, something that is just impossible..."

"Yes..." Iron said with a sinister smile.

"Where did you learn this? It is so simple yet... undervalued!" GK inquired.

Iron again flashed a broken-toothed grin.

"There was a time, believe it or not, when Kane and myself were not on opposing teams of this free for all," he cackled, "Kane never knew my name, but I had his book, that he later carried until his presumed death. I wish I knew what happened to it..."

Iron seemed to lose his train of thought for a moment as he stared off into space.

"Ah, nevermind. Anyway, moral of the story, Kane was a very wise man. One of his many preachings was that perfection is about as far from perfect as you can get."

GK seemed a bit... intrigued... by Iron's answer, but seemed to take it fairly well.

"Alright," he said, "Then shall we resume on creating a wise man of our own?"

"Oh yes, absolutely! Except I don't think this one was very wise in his later years..."

"I wasn't wise in my earlier ones here. Your point?"

"Um... okay then, let's get to work, Master!"

To an outsider, it would seem that Iron's effect on the Gatekeeper, visually, was very pronounced... if only in the way he spoke.

- - -

One of the best posts I have ever written
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RP Quotes
Posted Nov 09 2016, 07:27 PM
"I do believe just about everyone down there has forgotten about this battlestation, Iron," the GK said to his partner in crime as the two wheeled the body of K-6, under a sheet on a "scientific metal stretcher" (Dubbed by Iron) back into their lab from another area.

"To be brutally honest my Master, I never knew it was up here until you mentioned it at Miller's Cave," Iron replied with a cackle, "Nobody looks up anymore!"

"I guess the solar eclipse happening twice as many times a year thanks to the pure size of my station didn't inspire them, either?" GK followed up.

"I suppose not..." Iron snickered, "If we could teach our troops to look up, we would be unstoppable!"
"How do you reckon?"

"Well, for starters, they'd be able to see the full battlefield. Far more than the small patch of dirt at their feet that seems to have befuddled the armies of mankind's supposed 'evildoers' for generations."

The GK turned and looked at Iron.

"Where were you when I was battling Remus, Vapthes, Kane, my father, some mortal idiot impersonating a Sith'ari, and a bunch of aliens in a giant mothership that somehow rammed into and destroyed a ship over a million times denser than itself?" he demanded.

"Piloted by you," Iron added.

"How was I supposed to know an invincible ship could not stand up to something it was designed to stand up against?" GK countered, "It sounds like something out of a stupid comic book, and I do not agree with it! Now answer my question."

"I was with you for the latter parts of your battles with Remus, and I was dead for everything else."

"How did you die?!" GK snapped.

"I DON'T KNOW!" Iron shouted, "All I remember was walking into a building, seeing a bunch of people I recognize, playing some games with them and at some point during it I yelled "I'M DEAD!"

GK stared at Iron.

"Then I was dead!" the iron-masked ... interesting man exclaimed.

"... Let's just get Kane back to the lab..." GK muttered.

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RP Quotes
Posted Nov 09 2016, 07:30 PM
Alexander Grage slowly lowered the metallic utensil into the frigid white substance below. With careful precision he measured a specific amount of the soft, mushy frozen liquid and moved it onto an experiment dish. He repeated the process three times before he was satisfied. He then took out a bottle containing a thick, deep brown liquid that he covered the white stuff with. Afterward he located several carefully preserved items of fruit, which he set on top of the concoction.

At that moment, an officer came into his lab.

"Admiral, we are ready for the first test on the... what the Force is that!?" the man exclaimed.

"It's called a banana split, major. A strange local delicacy that I decided to replicate here. I shall join you shortly, please leave." Grage replied.

The officer shrugged and left.

"Now that I have perfected the secret of the banana split, I, Alexander Grage shall have enjoy the perfect dessert!

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RP Quotes
Posted Nov 21 2016, 10:45 AM
Sakura: "Cliche taunting... What's next? The ever original 'trap the heroes for an RPG boss fight' routine?"
Marissa: "You're about to be burned alive and you're talking about how cliche it is??"
Sakura: "To me he sounded like a generic video game bad guy. Besides... who talks like that anyways?"
Firehawk: *Blasts Sakura with a fireball*

-Dawnbreaker: Legacies

JJ: "That's great and all, but... HOW ARE WE GOING TO FIX SAKURA?"
Rene: *Punches JJ*

-Dawnbreaker: Legacies

JJ: "Look, it's my fault she got into this mess, and I want to know where exactly she is and how she's doing."
Zin: "You are correct. It is your fault. Now unless you wish to lose the use of both your arms, you'll unhand me."

-Dawnbreaker: Legacies

Zin: "I'll be right back."
JJ: "Where are you going?"
Zin: "Restrooms."
JJ: "Hmf... That guy's a real piece of work..."
Rene: "Shut up."

-Dawnbreaker: Legacies

Marissa: "Did you kill those people at the apartments?"
Zin: "Of course not..." *pause* "The explosion killed those people. I merely removed the finger preventing it."

-Dawnbreaker: Legacies

"I prefer to let my foes suffer for the rest of their lives."

-Angel Grace (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "Angel! I did it!"
Angel: "Did what?"
Sakura: "I got a banana!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Zin: *Clamps hand over Samantha's mouth, then removes it after a moment*
Samantha: "I wasn't going to scream."
Zin: "I know. I just didn't want you to say anything."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Mulak 1:
"Mulak use GRENADE!"
Mulak 2: "No! Mulak LAUNCH GRENADE!"
Mulak 1: "Mulak no understand how you LAUNCH GRENADE?"
Mulak 2: "Mulak show you how to LAUNCH GRENADE! Give Mulak GRENADE!"
Mulak 1: *hands grenade to Mulak 2*
Mulak 2: *successfully launches grenade* "THAT HOW TO LAUNCH GRENADE!"
Mulak 1: "Oh... I see..."
*grenade lands next to Kyle*
Kyle: "GET DOWN!" *picks up grenade and throws it back at Mulak 1 and Mulak 2*
Mulak 1: "Hey look another GRENA-"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"That's Sakura, I'm Tracy. We're you friends, and you have a fire in your basement. And if you don't stop it, you could lose your house. Now, ask yourself, do you have time to ask questions?"
Angel: "No... I should probably do something about that."
Tracy: "Do it! Do it now!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Judge: "Take off your hat."
Mortem: *Takes off his hat*
Judge: "Raise your right hand."
Mortem: *Placed his hat back on and raised his right hand*
Judge: "Take off your hat!"
Mortem: *Takes off his hat*
Judge: "Raise your right hand!"
Mortem: "You raise YOUR right hand!"
Judge: *Raises his right hand*
Mortem: "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?"
Judge: "Yes."
Mortem: "Why are you mixing up my orders?"
Judge: "Because I am the- HEY!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"We'll take care of your loved ones, because your loss is our gain."

-Slogan of Hershel's Funeral Home (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Nothing to see here, folks... just doing my job... Do dodo do do..."

-Disguised Angel after KOing a trucker (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"I think you are looking for trouble. And I believe you have found it. For my middle name is Trouble. ... That's a direct lie. It is Fuller. ... Anyway, to summarize, I don't know who you are, where you are, where come from, or what you want. I know my friend is in here. I know you don't want money that I don't have, or a good time. I think you seek trouble. And you've found it in the form of me. So why don't you c'mon out here and stop with the charades - cause that's my thing - dangle a cage from a tree containing Marissa and battle it out, winner does as they plea-"

*trips and falls in the mud*

"...You didn't see that."

-Angel (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Narrator: Oh yes... he was far more powerful than someone like Pastor Kross, or the Firehawk...
Remus: "..."
Narrator: Or was he?
Remus: "..."
Narrator: Now he was doubting himself, too... think, Remus. What do they have that you don't?
Remus: "..."
Narrator: Nothing. You've battled the likes of the Gatekeeper, Kiro Vapthes, and your own alter-egos, and defeated them all at times. You're certainly capable of -
Remus: "..."
Narrator: You're a tour-guide. When was the last time you actually prepared for a fight? Or trained? Or had to make due with an unexpected turn of events?
Remus: "Over... 200... years..."
Narrator: So there's your problem, Champ. You're out of shape. You're old, slow, probably fat, and totally unprepared to meet two fighters in the primes of their careers. Also, your armor is breaking around you. Fix that, dude. Seriously.
Remus: "I've... forgotten where I got my armor..."
Narrator: Oh. My. God. Seriously? Well, at least you can go to Angel to have her fix - oh wait...
Remus: "..."
Narrator: Have you gone senile or something?
Remus: "Looks like I'm on my own this time..."
Narrator: Uh-huh. Wish you hadn't've killed her for good, don't you?"
Remus: "I think I'm just going to lay here for awhile..."
Narrator: You do that, big guy. You do that...

-Remus receives a pep-talk from the Narrator (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Cool off the tanks, there buddy. You have no armor, no skin, no blood, no clothes, nothing but claws as weapons, and you have no idea if your interior structure can function for an extended period of time as a exterior flesh! Maybe we should look into these things before we go rushing into combat again, yes? Yes, that is a good idea.

-Remus talking to himself through narration... or the Narrator talking to himself through Remus... whatever (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"One does not simply 'make Rene grow up'."

-Zin (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Mortem: "Jim... these bags are ALL filled with dust!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"They say it runs on electricity... Hm... electricity..." *finds no buttons labeled 'electricity'* "I shall settle this matter myself..." *zaps stove with force lightning*

-Remus learns to cook (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"What does this have to do with Kyle and Marissa?"
Remus: "Marissa is skilled with this infernal contraption called a computer that I am useless at. Kyle is... he... he does not draw attention by walking down the street and he is a smart boy."

-Remus eloquently explains the special talents of the Rayne kids (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"I have changed locations and found new computers. Pray I do not do so again."

-Remus after teleporting Marissa (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Remus: "You tried to murder me."
Samantha: "You stained my carpet."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Remus: "STOP THE CAR!"
Phoenix: "If you say so."
*Slams on the breaks and sends Remus through the windshield*

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)


-Samantha Rayne (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Samantha: "I am fire... I am-"
Marissa: "Mom."
Samantha: "Huh?"
Marissa: " okay?"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Dammit Zin, I'm a Janitor not a Navigator!"

-Remus (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"The enemy of my enemy is the enemy I end last."

-Zin (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"I've just realized I'm the only person in this room who has never had scales!"

-Tracy (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"The Voices are still there! They still speak to me every night! Someone is still out there, waiting for their moment! THIS cannot be simply overlooked!"

-Firehawk declares some foreshadowing (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Hehehe... they're blazing up over - oh. Oh no nononononono AH BULLETS!"

-Firehawk in the Capital warzone (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Bernard: "Well, that went pretty well, all things considered. Most people are still alive somehow, too."
CCG Trooper: "..."
Bernard: "Okay, most might be a little insensitive, sorry. Got a light?"
CCG Trooper: "..."
Bernard: *Reaches into trooper's pocket pulls out a lighter* "Thanks."

-Bernard talks with a dead CCG Trooper (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Zin: "Bringing Firehawk on a stealth operation is madness."
Firehawk: "Madness? THIS. IS. DAWNBREAKER!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Firehawk: "Lerooooooooooooooooooooooooy-" *teleports away*
Tracy: "Who's Leroy?"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: *Shoots a suit of medieval armor*
Jack: "I don't think that was animate."
Tracy: "Nope."
CCG Trooper: *Falls over dead from behind the armor*
Tracy: "Not anymore."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

CCG Officer: "You'll have to kill me!"
Uriah: "Awesome." *shoots him in the knee* "But you see, I'd rather get the codes first if at all possible. She promised me a cheeseburger if you gave them up. So, codes please?"
CCG Officer: "AAAAEEHY! AHK! That... Fuck you! That was my favorite knee! OWWW!"
Uriah: "Cheeseburgers are my favorite knee, and you're not going to make me lose one."

-Uriah proving that he isn't what I said he was before I decided to stop saying he was it (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Nope, this one's useless."
*Kicks tied-up CCG Officer out the window* "NEXT!"

-Karen Mills (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "You want to talk or something?"
Firehawk: "Is that what normal people do? Yes let's do that. What's your favorite color? Mine is flammable."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Just know he was old as Hell, and he was from Hell."

-Firehawk talking about Remus (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Marissa: "He'll be having fish and chips."
Zin: "I-"
Marissa: "You'll be having fish and chips."
Zin: "...Fish and chips please, hold the sauce."

-Marissa gets tired of Restaurant Zin (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Man, I had a shitty couple weeks. First my boyfriend broke up with me, then they imposed the blasted curfew and I couldn't go out late anymore, then I made up with my boyfriend, only to break up again, then dad grounded me for saying bad words around my little sister, then the cops arrested one of our neighbors... and to top it all off, I got a D on my last math test! Ung... I can't imagine anyone has had a worse couple weeks than I have..."

-Cassidy explains what she was up to during the CCG plot (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Zin: *Attempts to sever demon's spine with magic sword, to no avail*
Angel: "It's UNDEAD you MORON!"
Zin: "You have an UNDEAD DEMON in your basement and I'M the moron?!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

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RP Quotes
Posted Dec 10 2016, 04:45 PM
Ready for Act II? Here we goooooo...

******Dawnbreaker: Legacies Act II Quotes******

"PEACE IS A LIE! There is only Violence! Through Violence, I gain Power! Through Power, I gain Fire! Through Fire, I gain PEACE!"

-The Code of Firehawk (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"If he goes berserk, it is better for me to handle it. I know how to do it... and it isn't by fighting."
Zin: "No, it's by hiring an unqualified psychiatrist."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Angel: "I am an Anima, with a hint of Demon, and as I recently discovered during a triple-vein blood test, human. Firehawk? He is human. Nothing else. I have three races in me, one post-human, one pre-human, and human itself. What kind of human? I'll need to isolate the extracted DNA and test it to know for sure. Firehawk, meanwhile? He's... he's just human. An interesting one nonetheless, but that's all he is. While it is possible we could have a blood tie, I just don't think it's possible at this point. The only way it could be, which is a 1-in-over a million shot, is for whatever my human DNA turns out to be matches some part of his."
Zin: "..."
Angel: "So, want to go to a party?"
Zin: "...What?"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Marissa: "You know what an Angel is, right?"
Angel: "A... pretty name?"
Marissa: "..."
Angel: "A... pretty person?"
Marissa: "...Debatable."
Angel: "An angle with the l and e mixed up?"
Marissa: "Bingo!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Angel: "I love bingo!"
Marissa: "Huh?"
Angel: "It was the Gatekeeper's ancient method of Apprenticeship. He would use the Force to influence the body to contort and twist into something it was never meant to be. The Sith call it alchemy. The galaxy called them Sithspawn. I called it... Bingo."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Angel: "I never went to school."
Marissa: "I can tell."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "Whatcha got there?"
Angel: "Evidence that can be used against me in a court of law. So I'm giving it to you."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "You cannot leave Sakura's yard without an adult, it's too dangerous."
Evan: Wow... Tracy's actually pretty good at sounding like she's in charge...
Eleanor: "You're not in charge of me!"

-A disagreement on who's in charge (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"I sense the darkness.... Someone... needs to change a lightbulb..."

-Firehawk solves the question of good and evil (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Luck is a lie that cowards invented to protect their sanity. You can't run out of something that doesn't exist."

-Eleanor (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Firehawk: "Who are you to tell me what is mine? If you can tell me what is mine, I can tell you what is yours. If that pizza doesn't belong to me, that woman doesn't belong to you!" *points at KO'd Tracy*
Evan: "Of course she doesn't. What kind of argument is that?"
Firehawk: "The kind of argument that turns boys into men, which you do not have! You value that pizza over closing that door and freezing to death, which I find highly amusing! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Evan: "Wait a sec... what are you carrying?"
Jack: "Your girl friend is a who not a what you simpleton."

-Debate over the proper scientific classification of Sakura (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Erika: "Why is there a six-pack of ketchup but no burgers?"
Evan: "I don't know..."
Eleanor: "Why does no one ever know anything? Can't a person get a straight answer around here?"
Jack: "No."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"You were just poisoned!"
Jasper: "What?"
Jinn: "That man is offering poison under the name of "corn dogs," a sausage wrapped in a poisonous yellow coating! And you just ate one!"

-For some reason one of the most memorable J&J moments for me (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"You know what kind of person shops for gardening supplies? Serial killers. Also gardeners, but mostly serial killers."

-Jasper (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Jasper: "Come on, we have to help them."
Jinn: "Ugh... Why?"
Jasper: "Because we're Jedi. And Jedi are guardians of peace, justice, freedom, and the American way."
Jinn: "What the heck is an American?"
Jasper: "Come on, lets just go hurt something."
Jinn: "...That is absolutely not how the Jedi way goes..."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: *Head hits the table*
Zin: *Checks Sakura's pulse*
Sakura: "Is there a reason you're checking my pulse?"
Zin: *Removes hands in disappointment*

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "You should totally give her the dance she has complained about missing since she missed it during your guys' prom."
Evan: "That might be a bit awkward."
Tracy: "As awkward as trying to date your ex's cousin while still obsessing over your ex?"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Killing is an art, as is dancing. The two are not mutually exclusive."

-Zin (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Zin: "You should be resting...?"
Angel: "If I rest, you guys might burn my Mansion down."
Marissa: "Hey! Of the two times your mansion's been on fire, it's only been my fault once!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"You don't need to take someone's head off if you can break their leg."

-Eleanor (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "Sounds almost... vampiric to me. But at the same time not..."
Eleanor: "I didn't even touch you! Your blood is probably nasty."
Sakura: "I didn't mean it like that. I mean it sounds similar. Besides, you weren't touching me at the time."
Eleanor: "...I just said that..."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "Anyways... I'm guessing you get whatever you steal from people?"
Eleanor: "Yes, that is how stealing generally works..."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"We're the luckiest unlucky people."

-Marissa (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Those two dance like criminals..."

-Jinn referring to Kyle and Tracy (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Quote from: Jonathan
"Hah. Criminal." Jasper said to herself, before nudging a random guy sitting next to her. "Hey Jinn, look at that. Boom, drink's on the floor." She said, pointing at a drink seemingly knock itself off the counter and shatter on the floor, "Someone's a klutz."
    The man next to her leaned away a bit.
    Jasper gave him a drunken smile. A smile which vanished a second later.
    "Hang on, what have you done with Jinn." She asked in a conspiratorial tone, leaning closer as he leaned away. She stared at him for a few seconds, unnerving him with her large round eyes, before just exclaiming, "Wuh oh, he already left. Hold this for me." She quickly set a full shotglass in his hands before standing up and staggering away.

    The man looked at the shotglass in his hands and blinked. Then suddenly Jasper leaned back into the camera shot, grabbed the glass back, downed it, then returned it to his hands, empty, before vanishing again.

"You ate a dog of poisoned corn, then drank poisoned alcohol?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

-Jinn while shaking Jasper (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Radio Song:
"Er-mah-gurd yer going over the top-"
Officer 394: "WAIT!"
Radio Song: "I do-no what yor doing all I no is I wah you to STAHP!"
Officer 394: "STOP THE JEEP!"
Radio Song: "Er-mag-gurd yor gonna strait for da drop -"
Officer 394: "YOU'RE HEADING FOR THE-"
Radio Song: "You do-no what yu doing-"
Officer 394: "The fuck am I listening to?"

-Officer 394 listening to the radio while on a high speed chase with a jeep that's about to go over a steep embankment to its doom (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"...surgeons in league with gardeners... the plot thickens..."

-Jasper commenting on Erika's odd material possessions (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Oh hey. I'm bleeding. I don't have time for that..."

-Jinn (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Did you shed? Cuz that'd be pretty cool. Imagine if someone found that. They'd be like, 'Hey, this giant lizard skin is shaped like half a person. Huh.' Maybe they'd put your skin in a museum. You could go visit it."

-Eleanor talking to Sakura about the primal spirit mutation (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Didn't ya know this was our park?"
Cassidy: "Uh... no? It says public on the sign!"
Gangster: "We're a public gang."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Cassidy: "I'm... really sorry about that Evan. Ya know... uh... shit happens?"
Bree: "Speaking of shit, I'm back."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Evan: "I... I heard that my Ex-Girlfriend from High School might be here, and I wanted to explain what happened."
Cassidy: "You left your team to talk with your ex-girlfriend? Oh... I know! You both truly loved each-other, but some inexplicable misunderstanding led to your falling-out, then, years later, you find her again, setting aside all you'd accomplished to go and ask her back! How sweet! You must really love her!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

*pulls out pocketwatch* "Before we begin, any of you gents know what time it is?"
Gangsters: "..."
Jinn: "Hm. Jasper, do you know what time it is?"
Jasper: "You're the one with the watch."
Jinn: *ignites lightsaber* "I do believe it is time to use the Force..."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

J&J: *Kicking gangster ass*
Bree: "What the hell is this!?"
Cassidy: "They are using the Force."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Bree: "What is wrong with you?"
Cassidy: "Nothing! My therapists just said to try and make it fun when I'm scared, so that's what I'm doing! Making fun! Ha! Ha ha... HaaaaaaIwantmahmommy!!!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Bree: *Pulls out pack of cigarettes*
Kyle: "Those things'll kill you ya know..."
Bree: "Why do you think I use them?"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Jasper: "Jinn? Jinn!"
*Finds Jinn unconscious and bleeding*
Jasper: "Sithspit..."
*Finds own forehead is bleeding*
Jasper: "Acidic sithspit..."
*Sees the plane is crashed and on fire*
Jasper: "Unholy acidic sithspit with cherries on t-"
*Trips over Jinn and faceplants*

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Bree: "Uh, notice the big fucking tree trunks?" *motions at the Sarlacc tentacles*
Evan: *Rolls his eyes and makes for the trees*

-Senility? A little bit... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Bree: "What is it?"
Cultist: "What's what?"
Bree: "The meat?"
Cultist: "Human."
Bree: "Huh... Well, I'm sure it was a useless person anyway."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Erika: "Ya know what I think?"
Jasper: "That I'm an evil daughterova-bloodsucker who should fuck off before something bad happens to her face?"
Erika: *Punches Jasper in the face* "Took the words right outta my mouth."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "Where are the Sith Lords?"
Jinn: *Points at Erika and Lauren*
Kyle: *Points at Jinn and Jasper*
Erika: *Points at Evan and Bree*

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "Wait a minute, who shot you? Why?"
Kyle: "Cannibals. And... I dunno, to eat me? Or someone. I didn't start it."
Tracy: "Cannibals? What's next? A singing, dancing mouse with his own amusement park?"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Bree: "You don't look like a Sakura."
Sakura: "Eh... What do I look like?"
Bree: "I'unno... Some sort of Western name... I'd expect a Sakura to be short, with spiky hair and wielding a sword twice her size."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

*There is a knock at the door*
Cassidy: "Gah! Oh, maybe that's your knight in shining armor now!"
Angel: "C'min."
Sakura: *Opens the door and steps in* "Angel, you got a minute?"
Cassidy: "That's no knight... it's a serving wench!"

-This girl, she gets it (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "They say you're some kind of Jedi."
Jasper: "They also say you should never drive without a steatbelt, so you can't believe everything they say, can you?"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Quote from: Author_Olivia
Instant Sakura: Just add pizza!™

"What is it with parties and balls..."

-Zin remarks on the Disco Ball (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Marissa: "Maybe Cassidy shouldn't touch the cupcakes... or coffee... if this is her normally I'm not sure I want to see her on a sugar or caffein high."
Tracy: "She's more muted if you put a couple thousand Mulaks nearby."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"That's why you drink tea out of a can."
*puts on sunglasses* "Deal with it."

-Erika to Zin after drugging his tea (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "Well... one of yer company's employees might 'ave picked up a little girl today, 'bout seven years old. I'd like t know if she was brought in here."
Eduardo: "Hmm... little girl, you say? About that tall, dark hair, special eyes?" *makes appropriate gestures*
Sakura: "Yes."
Eduardo: "Nope, haven't seen anybody like that! Is there any other way I may be of assistance?"
Sakura: "Then explain how you just described the girl I'm lookin' for?"
Eduardo: "Because I'm sure somebody in the world saw a girl like that."

-Sakura receives assistance from Triple A (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: *Looks up to the sky* "If someone's listening... could use some help?"
*Bird shit lands on her windshield*

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Quote from: Author_Olivia
"It's been here as long as I have." The woman said. "When I was growing up there was a lovely family living there. Their kids were idiots, but nice. Always pretended they liked me. The older one, the girl, died when she was sixteen. Her first boyfriend drove them into a tree. He was also an idiot.
    "The boy broke his neck doing back flips off the roof to impress a girl a few years later. It was sad, but I didn't mind too much, because his parents gave me his car. They didn't have anything to do with it, and I had just gotten my license. Well, not really, but they thought I had.
    "They practically adopted me. I was always over there eating their food and stuff. Then the woman went a little crazy, thought it was my fault poor Dennis chucked himself onto the sidewalk. Tried to poison my cookies once with crack." She giggled a little bit. "She was always a funny lady. Completely clueless. She should have at least tripled the dose to get me. Noob."
    She sighed and smiled wistfully. "Good times..."

-Old Lady talking about Eleanor's house (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

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RP Quotes
Posted Dec 19 2016, 02:00 PM
Act II... part 2... because Act II is way more quotable than Act I and thus requires two posts to hold all the quotes.

******Dawnbreaker: Legacies Act II Part 2 Quotes******

Kyle: "Hi Cassidy. Kyle here. You wouldn't happen to have seen or heard from Tracy this past week, have you?"
Cassidy: "Tracy? Nope. Come to think of it, I haven't heard from my ex either... suspicious..."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Don't touch anything. As much as I'd love to see you do so."

-Bree about the stuff in Angel's attic (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Kyle: "I apologize, Sakura, but you are literally the most terrifying thing I've ever seen in my life."
Sakura: *Gives Kyle the finger with all six hands*

-Kyle and Sakura as Sakura is turning into a spider (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Evan: "Kyle... you try. I don't think she likes me enough."
Kyle: "I don't like you either."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "I really appreciate you guys coming and finding me. I have the best friends in the world."
Sakura: "Well... you're family Tracy. Gotta stick together."
Erika: "Like cheese..."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Holy shit. I mean, hi Sakura."

-Marissa saying what we all think when Sakura appears in a scene (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"I had the funniest dream last night. You had some guests over, but they were rude and making a mess. I recalled that you do not like messes so I asked them to stop, and then naturally began strangling one of them."

-Jack talking to Sakura after Eleanor's kidnapping (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "I just... I don't even know where to start Jack."
Jack: "I feel like we just had this conversation..."

-We all do Jack, we all do... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Sooo... having fun trying to teach an archaeologist all this stuff remotely?"
MacCarron: "Would help if you listened."

-Sakura and MacCarron communicating telepathically (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "How do you live with her?"
Jack: "By keeping her from dying..."

-Three guesses on who "she" is (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

 "Alright, in the wake of recent events, some of us-" *glances over everyone in the room but Sakura* "-have elected to partake in less than legal activities to recover Eleanor. Whether you help us or not, if you tell the authorities what we're about to tell you, we will disavow all you have to say. ...And you may end up dead in a ditch someplace."

-Zin begins explaining the plan to Sakura (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Zin: "She could call in sick. Or she could be hospitalized, broken femur or some such, I do believe that'd be a socially acceptable excuse."
Sakura: "Can we not discuss personal injury to friends?"
Zin: "It wouldn't have to be personal..."

-Zin suggests ways for Sakura to miss the museum ball (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Kyle: *talking about Zin's suit*  "You look like... someone who would be talking into an earpiece while nonchalantly sipping champagne before sneaking off to assassinate or kidnap someone."
Zin: "And this happens often in parties you go to, does it?"
Tracy: "No... well, not me. It does in movies though."
Erika: "You two obviously don't go to the right parties."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Zin: "Well, that's potentially problematic..."
Erika: "What, the lack of bacon in this joint? I was just thinking about that myself. I have a couple of potential solutions for the issue, don't worry about it."

-The bacon is likely right next to the pepper-spray and flash-bangs in her pocket... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Reminds me of this one time...I was about fifteen I think, in my boyfriend's truck. All of a sudden there were cops after us, which was confusing, as you might imagine. So I asked him what they wanted, and he said 'The car, probably.' So then I asked if it was really his car, and he just shrugged and said 'Or maybe they want the goat.' So of course, like any sane person would do..."
*shut off all the van's lights and pulls a Uey into the oncoming traffic in the next lane*
"...I asked him, 'What goat?' And then, waddayaknow, there was a goat in my lap! Screaming! It was a fuzzy little thing, almost chucked him out the window I was so surprised... We both ended up getting arrested, but the truck turned out to be his uncle's, so we got off easy. Dunno about the goat, or the fireworks in the back."
Marissa: "I'm surrounded by lunatics..."
Erika: "Don't do drugs, kids."

-Erika and Marissa while being chased by police (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "Same with my head in case yer wonderin'. Now I'm gonna cut ya a deal. Answer my questions... or I let him have some more target practice."
Rosa: "Cut me... a deal... was that supposed to be a knife pun?!"

-Rosa's arm is pinned to the wall by knife by the way... it probably hurts (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Enough wasting time, female! Tell us who you work for, or I will crush your spine!"

-Jack, while lifting Rosa off the floor by the throat (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Philberta: "GERALD!"
Philberta: "WE'VE GOT GUESTS!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Philberta: "Remember her ninth birthday? We gave her a cactus and she ate it."
Erika: "That was Keith, not me."

-First mention of Keith, who evidently eats cacti (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Jack: "She works for the collector, she could just explain what happened and give away what we plan to do."
Sakura: "And what are we planning to do Jack? Because I sure as hell don't know myself!"
Jack: "She's a loose end, haven't you seen any mafia movies?"
Rosa: "Mafia? Hey, you guys know I'm right here... right?"
Jack: "For now you are."
Rosa: "Woah woah woah, back the truck up, you can't kill me... I mean... we had a deal! Oh, also, what if you need me alive? Yeah, you need me alive. What if she calls me? She'll know something's wrong if you pick up."
Jack: "This one annoys me considerably, can I get rid of her?"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "This Collector's got resources. So we're going to have to get creative if we're gonna get Eleanor back."
Jack: "Creative... Does that mean getting someone else to do it?"
Sakura: "No... in this case it means getting more outside help. I still don't know much about Zin, so I don't trust him completely. He has come through before, but in this case... I just don't know."
Jack: *Slowly turns and gives a deadpan glare toward the camera*

-Begone 4th Wall! (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Karen: "The police are going to need to know more about you before they'll trust your information."
MacCarron: "Maybe I should know a bit more about the folks in the police force before I trust their competency."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Officer Klein:
"I feel like I should be setting up a crime scene..."
Officer Tam: "For what crime?"
Officer Klein: "...Bad decorating."

-The official police reaction to Marissa's wall-writing (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Evan: "I hate to say it, but half the things Cassidy says goes over my head these days."
Jack: "Nothing goes over my head... Except maybe Eleanor sometimes."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Evan: "Am I the only sane one here?"
Jack: "Obviously not if you think you could knock me out... Your arms are thin and you are unarmed."
Evan: "It was an accident Jack... and I hit you with my car..."
Jack: "Bull shit, there is no way you could lift that even on purpose."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

This whole scene:,24.msg16048.html#msg16048 until page 319

Erika: "You want me to be a gladiator."
Lamb: "Yes."
Erika: "And lose a twenty-five percent discount on pizza? No thanks."

-Discounts on pizza or killing people for sport... tough call (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"The only sick thing is people's self-worth being disproportionate to their appreciation for knowledge and preservation."

-The Collector (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Uriah: "What were you doing at Miss Keller's house? I know she didn't invite you over for a movie night."
Rosa: "Uh, we're more the pillow fight types."
Uriah: "Pillows and knives, huh? How long have you known Miss Keller?"
Rosa: "Long enough to know to bring a knife to a pillow fight."

-Damn, Sakura parties hard (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Zin: "Relax, you're wearing a red skirt."
Rosa: "...What's that supposed to mean?"
Zin: "It means you'll be fine."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "She played me! Lying piece of shtako!"
Erika: "No offense, but it wouldn't be the first time."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"It would seem I've been away from civilization for far too long. Never would it have occurred to me that the threat of plague could be considered erotic enough for a seduction attempt."

-Riyash after Erika fails at seducing a guard (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Riyash: "I was a priest once you know."
Zin: "You were certainly not."
Riyash: "Did I say I was one? I'm sorry, I meant I ate one."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Bernard: *Comes around the corner*
Zin: *Shoots Bernard in the forehead with Cassidy's gun*
Bernard: "OWE!"
Zin: *Examines the gun* "What the-"
Bernard: "WHAT THE HELL!"
Cassidy: "Nice shot!"
Erika: "Is that a pellet gun?"
Cassidy: "BB gun. Bought it myself... With my own money!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Zin: "Why would you bring a pellet-gun to a real-gun fight?"
Cassidy: "I can't afford a real gun. Besides, they're loud and they can kill people."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

*There is an explosion in the room Bernard just came from*
Erika: "Was that you?"
Bernard: "What? Don't be stupid, that was a bomb."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Jack: "Blue, give me the finger."
Bree: *Flips Jack off*

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Hey! Bree! We're in a vent shaft! I told you this was going to be just like a spy movie!"

-Cassidy (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Erika: "You okay, Kyle?"
Kyle: "Fine, totally fuckin' fine. Just wound up, beat up, and apparently drugged up."
Bernard: "Now if you'd just shut up you'd be set."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Jack: *walks up to a tech sitting a computer console* "These buttons, what do they do."
Tech: "Uhh..."
Jack: "Will pushing a few at random have any negative effects?"
Tech: "No... I mean, I don't think so, I'm just the-"
Jack: *grabs tech and slams his face into the console*

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"You have the right to remain stiff..."

-Warden Ronald Steele (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Cassidy: "You'll never get away with this! The police will find you sooner or later!"
SWAT Officer: "We'll see to that."
Cassidy: "You're gonna call the cops on yourselves? You're the nicest bad guys I've ever met!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Cassidy: "Well, this was a bust. I mean, we found a magic knife, but not the baby-eating sun-god voodoo cult I was expecting."
Bree: "I thought you expected a sorcerer who uses insects to steal secret government weapons and privately-owned supersuits?"
Cassidy: "Oh... right. The sun cult was on the East-side... Well, still didn't find that either. And I got shot. That blows..."
Bree: "We did just help rescue a lot of people ya know."
Cassidy: "Yeah, but we do that all the time."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Quote from: Author_Tyler
Bree obliged and offered Bernard a light. And so the two people who drink and smoke continued to enjoy being the only two to not get shot, stabbed, slashed, bludgeoned, or otherwise seriously injured.

And you say drinking and smoking will kill ya huh?

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RP Quotes
Posted Dec 29 2016, 08:51 AM
On to Act III, the current and final act of Legacies. Also, I'm gonna drop the italics format, because it has started to annoy me. Anyway, here we goooooooo.....

******Dawnbreaker: Legacies Act III Quotes******

Angel: "You're like the destroyer and I'm the damaged battleship, if that makes sense. You can do things that I can't until my broadside is repaired... That was a terrible analogy, I apologize."
Tracy: "It was. I'm a submarine."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Angel: "What just happened?"
Tracy: "I did what I do second-best!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

White: "And I'm rather curious why your boss refused to answer my calls last night."
Thug: "She's... indisposed."
White: "I see. Who knocked you out?"
Thug: "Some witch that broke into the hideout..."
White: "What'd she knock you out with?"
Thug: "My boss."

-Aftermath of the Renehammer incident (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"He basically shows up when he's needed... or when he needs to kill someone... so basically a psychopath superhero."

-Marissa describes Zin (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "What's the worst it could do?"
Angel: "Technically the worst any spell could do at any given time is kill both the caster and the castee. So there is your technical answer. What could more realistically happen? Could turn her brain upside down, thus turning her into a productive member of society."

-Angel ponders whether or not to use a spell on a trippy Sakura (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Angel: "Are you having any issues with your lab tests?"
David: "No more than usual... well, not with that anyway... the main thing is I've done no live tests yet, just simulations."
Angel: "I can help with that. I've got a few spares I can lend."
David: "Spare what, live patients?"
Angel: "Yes. I've got a collection of them."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"I thought I smelled Erika arrive... perfect timing, because our oven is fu...nctioning incorrectly right now."

-Samantha Rayne (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Jack: "I'm not sure what to think of this new Sakura."
Tracy: "I suppose we could just return her and get the old one back from the dealership."
Jack: "There's... a Sakura dealership...?"

-Seems plausible (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Cassidy: "You think this Sakura is actually a plant?"
Bree: "I don't see any roots."
Cassidy: "Not that kind of plant! I mean a spy! I think that Sakura is a spy!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Ah don't think ah can trust mah eyes right now."
Marissa: "Don't worry, you're just... poisoned... Hm, that sounded bad, just try and think of it as being on drugs instead."
Tracy: "Like LSD."

-Because that is very reassuring... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

David: "Have you been drinking?"
Samantha: "Couldn't let that pine scotch in the fridge go to waste..."

-Well... I guess she has a point... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Jack: "Blue hair, pink hair, red hair, yellow hair, curly hair, no hair." *points at own head, then points at Kyle* "Brown hair."
Kyle: "So?"
Marissa: "Do I even want to know..."
Jack: "I am attempting to explain Kyle Rayne's face."

-I'm not sure why this is so funny... but is... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Evan: "You forgot Sakura's a brunette."
Jack: "No, I forgot her completely, she's on the floor."

-Well now... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Angel: "Me coming back to the Capital was a horrible mistake, wasn't it?"
Jack: "Horrible sounds extreme. How about a mediocre mistake?"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Erika: "Well, here goes nothing. Ya know, the last time I played a video game something similar happened."
Lauren: "That was nothing like this."
Erika: "Well, someone ended up in the TV."
Lauren: "..."

-The Bailey Sisters prepare to play DB the game, but I get the feeling Erika meant ending up in the TV quite differently (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "You're training... to become... a cop."
Kyle: "That is primarily what the Academy's for..."
Tracy: "And I just told you I was out stealing stuff..."
Kyle: "Well... luckily I don't have the authority to arrest anyone yet..."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Very good! Tie him up Bree!"
Bree: "Evan has the rope... I have the explosives... remember?"
Evan: *tries to give the rope to Bree* "I'm a paranormal investigator, not a rope man."
Bree: *shoves the rope back to Evan* "Dude, I don't know how to tie knots. I couldn't even get the noose knot right."

-Read into that what you will... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Cultist: *catches on fire*
Cassidy: "Guys! HE. IS. ON. FIRE! We gotta put him out!"
Bree: "Why? It looks lovely."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"An affinity to the supernatural and a total disregard for other sentient life go hand in hand. We wielders of magic care for ourselves and ourselves only. Tea?"

-Zin (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Bree: "Cassidy, have you ever considered that you might be a spy, sent here to undermine our efforts with your outlandish theories and aggravating comments?"
Cassidy: "Dear God, you might be right! If that is the truth..."
Bree: "Then you should shut up?"
Cassidy: "EXACTLY! I'll do that! That will show them to send me to spy on my friends!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "Well, I was... well... I called to apologize for how I was acting when I last saw you. I mean, I guess I understand why you did what you did, and I know you mean the best with it, and I'm just stuck in my own perceptions of what the police always used to be, and I'm short-fused and also a you-know-what a--- Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so closed-minded on the matter and I hope this whole thing works out for you."
Kyle: "Yeah... I hope it does too."
Tracy: "Oh hey... it was your first day right? How'd that go?"
Kyle: "I arrested my sister."
Tracy: "..."
Kyle: "...And Erika's sister... and Cassidy..."
Tracy: "I take it all back. Kyle, you're a fucking idiot."
Kyle: "I know."

-Tracy calls to apologize for being mad at Kyle for becoming a cop (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Jinn: "She definitely likes you. But not in the way you probably think I'm thinking..."
Jasper: "Probably not in the way you think I think you're thinking, either."
Jack: "Isn't that the same exact thing he just said?"
Jasper: "You would think that, wouldn't you."

-J & J & J (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: *is following Eleanor*
Man: *is thrown from a building and lands on the pavement*
Sakura: *walks past the body, then finds a place to sit* "I don't know what to do..."
Jack: *walks up to the dying man* "Call an ambulance, perhaps. Eh... actually there's probably no use at this point."
Sakura: "Not what I meant Jack..."
Man: *groans*
Jack: "Sshhh..." *pats dying man on the head, then turns to Sakura* "What'd ya mean then?"
Sakura: "Its Eleanor. I just... I don't know what to do."
Jack: *pulls a picture out of dying man's wallet and gives it to him* "Parenting's like that. I guess."
Sakura: "No kidding..."
Jack:  "I wouldn't really know. He might, not me though." *points at dying man*
Man: *looks at the picture, then coughs and dies*
Jack: "It's a learn on the job thing though, right? So what've you learned tonight?"
Sakura: "We're both all kinds of messed up..."

-No. Shit. (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Jack: "Don't trip over Mr. Mullins." *referring to the recently deceased*
Sakura: "You don't have to scavenge off people all the time Jack."

-Wow... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Lynch: "'Ow'd it come this, Den? A 'alf year ago we were killin' presidents... now... We're fuckin' janitors."
Harrison: "Life is twisting and unpredictable old boy. Give it another six months and you could be a respectable government man in a suit."
Lynch: "Blimey, that sounds even worse."
Cassidy: "Oi! Can it peons! When the V.I.P.s start showing, we need this place in tippy-toppy shape! Or they'll send their werewolves after us! And that would not be good!"
Bree: "Cassidy, get your ass over to the boarding ramp!"
Cassidy: "Just a minute!" *turns back toward Harrison and Lynch* "I'm watching you both... remember that."
Harrison: *watches Cassidy leave* "On a normal day, I'd agree, but..."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Cassidy: "I think Tracy was supposed to show people around."
Marissa:  "Oh, okay. Where is she?"
David: "Probably showing someone else around."
Cassidy: "Evan is in charge of finding Tracy."
Marissa: "Well, so much for that then. Where's Kyle?"
Cassidy: "In charge of finding Evan."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"We're talking Cassidy here Bree. I've given up on figuring her out."
Bree: "Yeah, I know that'd be way too much effort for you."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "I don't think anyone can figure out Cassidy. She's almost like some... cartoony pink pony that breaks the laws of physics." *flashes ID to Cassidy* "Permission to come aboard?"
Cassidy: "Granted, if you agree to change pony to unicorn."
Sakura: "Like I said Bree..."
Cassidy: "Oi... I gave you an ultimatum."
Bree: "Sakura, just get going before I say what I'm thinking right now..."
Sakura: "Gonna be a long trip Bree. And Cassidy... it was a joke."
Cassidy: "Your face is a joke."

-Testy... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Bree: "You are taking this job waaay too seriously, Cass."
Cassidy: "No, I'm not. Look, if I don't take this job seriously, bad things could happen. Like, if I let my guard down, some ancient witch hell-bent on world annihilation could happen to slip onto the ship."
Bree: "Uh-huh..."
Angel: *boards the ship*
Cassidy: "Or some vengeful cyborg with creepy glowing eyes..."
Bree: "Uh-huh..."
Vigilante: *boards the ship*
Cassidy: "Or even a shape-shifting, magic-wielding serial killer with an obsession for theatrics and pretty flowers!"
Bree: "Suuure..."
Zin: *boards the ship*
Cassidy: "God knows we could even have gang-banging warrior monks from a long-lost era trying to infiltrate this operation!"
Bree: "Meh..."
J&J: *don't board the ship*
Cassidy: "I'm tellin' ya Bree, if it weren't for us, a lot of nasty folk would be getting onto this ship."
The Captain: *tries to board the ship*
Cassidy: "Halt there, citizen! I need to see a lanyard at once!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

This scene. Goes until the end of the page.

"Look, I don't judge - I threaten, not judge - but if you were some magic-super-cyborg-villain, then spilling your Greater Motivations to a lowly guard would be the worst move you could make. Not only does it endanger and probably end the life of said lowly guard, yours truly, but it'll also twist your whole plan up... Not that I'm accusing you of anything of course, I'm sure you're not a magic-super-cyborg-villain ha ha heavens no, because a villain like that would know it would be immensely stupid to simply wander the public halls while looking exactly the part of a magic-super-cyborg-you-get-the-point, and would know that the best and only logical course of action would be to hide away for the duration of the trip so as not to run into threatening guards who might as for his lanyard... But clearly that's not you, else I wouldn't be asking for your lanyard just now. So have a good day sir, mind the ceiling."

-Zin, disguised as Poe, subtly telling Vigilante to get his arse hidden (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "Still... it's nice to have at least just one person you can trust. Even if it's just one."
Zin(Poe): "It would be nice. But never having to pay taxes would also be nice, as would never being invited to weddings, or having a diet consisting only of ice cream and jam without worrying about weight gain or stomach aches. See, nice things are rarely practical."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"I have a good cat story, if you would like to hear it."
Cassidy: "Sure."
Vigilante: "I had a cat once... It died."
Cassidy: "That's SO SAD!"
Vigilante: "And now I think about it, now that I had another chance to have a cat, and I let it slip away, and I'm like... like..." *impersonates Darth Vader* "NOOOOOOOOO!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"If you ask me, Harrison... there's a lot of very peculiar blokes on that beach."

-Joey Lynch (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "So you'd rather just see your friends in jail so you don't have to deal with it all anymore? Fine. Do what you want. We're done! I ain't hanging around you just to get arrested so you can have peace and quiet."
Kyle:"Would you just- uhg. I can't believe I'm arguing over the moral high ground with a thief."
Tracy: *flips Kyle off*
Vigilante: *puts a hand on Kyle's shoulder* "Shoulda called Triple-A."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Erika: "Don't go all sociopath on me, Laurie. I'd hate to have to shiv you, too."
Marissa: "Too?"
Erika: "Did I say 'too'? I don't think I said 'too'. I think I sneezed."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Quote from: Author_Tyler
Meanwhile, somewhere else in the jungle, a group of government agents, including an ex-Sith Lord, were trying to keep up with another ex-Sith Lord who was busy pursuing the rusty droid minions of another ex-Sith Lord, hoping they would lead them all to yet another ex-Sith Lord.

This just goes to prove that Sith Lording is a career with very poor job security...

Bernard: "For something wrapped in cold foil, this burrito is surprisingly edible."
Erika: "If you figure out what it's made of, let me know."
Bernard: "Mhm... You didn't make it?"
Erika: "Pawned it off a hobo I found in the boiler room of the ship."
Bernard: "Thank God. For a minute I thought the expedition cooks made it."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Bernard: "I hate dogs."
Erika: "They probably hate you, too, going around stealing their name like that."
Bernard:  "Dude, I can't even remember names, you think I'd be capable of stealing one?"
Erika: "Your mother, then. They hate your mother."
Bernard: "What'd you say about my mother?"
Erika: "She probably loves dogs."
Bernard: "You calling my FATHER a bitch now?"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Hared: "At last! Real live Jedi! Now I can finally slay my sworn enemy and rightfully claim my title as Dark Lord of the Sith!"
Jasper: "The fuck is this guy's problem?"
Jinn: "Maybe he doesn't like water..."
Hared: "Your deaths will be felt by your brethren across the world and all shall shudder at my name! When I carve out your hearts, it shall signify my ascendance to absolute power!
Jasper: "Definitely doesn't like water." *looks back at Hared* "Back up a minute. Are you for real? I mean literally, you could be an illusion or a hologram."
Hared: "..."
Jasper: "..."
Jinn: "..."
Hared: "You're right! Words mean nothing without action!"

-Lots of words, without action (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Water is insignificant next to the power of the Force!"

-Hared (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Marissa: "Either this robot's senile, or this place is a lot older than a thousand years old..."
Glenn: "Someone programmed this thing to say all this. I'm leaning more toward old as hell."
Robot: "Age of Hell.... Unknown."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Glenn: "What are the odds it's going to explode?"
David: "You've been watching too many movies. The chances of a computer exploding due to software errors, at least in the way you're thinking, are essentially none, without-"
Robot: *explodes*

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Final: Prepare your bodies for disintegration. Vocal recorder: Active. Final vocalizations will be recorded and archived for posterity."

-Security Robot (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Fielder: "Vogel what the hell are you doing down there?!"
Vogel: "I seem to have knocked myself blind."
Fielder: "Well, wearing dark sunglasses in a dark underground tunnel might do that!"
Vogel: "Nah."
Fielder: "..."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Vigilante: "What are you?"
Angel: "A memory."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "You have a gun?"
Glenn: "The... pen is mightier than the sword?"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Zin: "I asked you, many months ago, how far down this path you intended to go. Do you remember what you said next?"
Angel: "No."
Zin:  "As far as you had to. And what I would do, if you crossed that line?"
Angel: "And what was that?"
Zin: "You know, I can't quite remember that one either. I suppose we're both getting old. But we're about to find out."

-What should have been a dramatic exchange, foiled by senility (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: *draws and fires weapon at Zin, but accidentally hits Kyle*
Kyle: "OW, sunnova BITCH!"
Lauren: "What the hell? Not trusting is pretty far off from shooting each other! Who thought it was a good idea to make you three security?"
Glenn: "These guys are the security?! We're doomed!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "My bad..."
Kyle: "My foot..."
Marissa: "My head..."
Zin: "My plan..."
Marissa: *whirls around and socks Zin in the face* "Was to use us bait, yeah, we'd pieced that together."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Glenn: *at Zin* "You know, I hate magic people. I hate every single one of them. I wish they didn't exist and I wish YOU didn't exist."
Tracy: "Not all magic people are jerks..."
Glenn: "..."
Tracy: "Err, well not all magic people are evil, that is."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Marissa: "Oh stop your whining, Kyle, it's just a bit of pepperspray."
Kyle: "Why don't you try it then?"
Marissa: "Don't need it, I've already got red eyes."
Kyle: *glares at Marissa with red eyes*

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

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RP Quotes
Posted Jan 03 2017, 10:46 AM
Enter Part 2 of Act III, since once again, the quotes post was getting too long.

******Dawnbreaker: Legacies Act III Part 2 Quotes******

Theodore: "Ah, I believe you misunderstood my intents when it came to the attackers. I, for one, do not believe it moral to execute unarmed sentient beings, as your cohort so heartlessly suggests. And leaving them here to die at the hands of wild beasts or starvation is no more acceptable. I am a historian and an academic, but I am also a human being and I value life, especially sentient life. Admittedly, it is unfortunate we have lost some of our people to this jungle, but that is much different than actively or inactively being responsible for the deaths of three now defenseless sentients. I hope that clarifies things a bit."
Sakura: "Sentients they may be. However there comes a time when you have to make tough choices when it comes to survival."

-Sounds like someone has started down the dark path... muahaha. What? No I was talking about Theodore... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Kyle: "Everybody relax, this thing just knocked itself over... completely by itself."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Okay, maybe not all magicers shouldn't exist. These guys are kinda funny."

-Glenn Kaiba remarks on J&J and Hared (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

*Jasper, Jinn and Hared are arguing in the background*
Kyle: "Love triangle gone bad?"
Tracy: "No, they're just magicers..."
Glenn: "Thanks for reminding me."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Jinn: *points at Marissa* "Blue one."
Hared: "She is a Chiss you Jedi fool, a historic ally of the Sith in the old times! Show some respect!"
Jinn: "I know she's a Chiss you blubbering buffoon. Just look at her! She's blue! You know how often you see blue people in the desert, huh? Never!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Hared: "You, perhaps you would return my lightsaber. I promise you high position in the new order!"
David: "Please back the hell away before something bad happens to your face."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Hared: *approaches Kaiba, still looking for his lost lightsaber*
Glenn: *offers Hared a hairbrush* "This what you're looking for?"
Hared: "This is not the device I'm looking for."

-Move along... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Glenn: "If everyone who wronged everyone got wronged in return by the wronged party, this world would be even more wrong than it is."
Marissa: "He's right."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Lauren: "Tracy, we all left you in the jungle like assholes."
Tracy: *flips off everyone in the room* "We good then?"
Marissa: "Sure."
Kyle: "Sure."
David: "Sure."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Actually... basically this whole scene until the end of Page 173.

Glenn: "I feel like you could use an intervention."
Tracy: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Glenn: "Sometimes you read the book sometimes the book reads you."
Tracy: "What is THAT supposed to mean?"

-He's right. Again. (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Kyle: "So instead of waiting for me so we wouldn't get lost, you two got drunk... and had a brawl?"
Erika: "Brawl? Brawl? I am deeply offended! That was art! Art in its purest form! Just look at how much better his face looks now! Geez, Kyle, I didn't go and take a shit on your...whatever the hell it ish you do. Hurt my feelings why don't you..."
Lauren: "Did you just accuse him of hurting your feelings? You're covered in blood right now!"
Erika: "It's ART, DAMMIT!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Yeah, Angel tried to kill me... and I found out her mansion was destroyed, which means whatever money I had as well as the vast majority of my material possessions are gone with it. Then I broke up with my boyfriend... Got left behind by everyone... found a couple of nitwit Jedi, who also ditched me... found Kyle again... got chased and nearly killed by Angel again... then watched her die in a pool of molten lava... all the while getting played for a fool by Zin. So don't you fucking tell me you've had a rough couple of days, okay?"

-Tracy lays into Sakura (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"What's your definition of stupid?"
Sakura: "Drunk."

-Really? My definition of it is the word right before "Drunk" (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Theodore: "I say! Is the boss dead? That would be immensely tragic."
Sakura: "Ah thin'... ah'ma pass ou' now..." *passes out*
Jack: "A tragedy for another time, I'm afraid."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Glenn: *to drunken Kyle and Tracy* "You two really fit together, you know that?"
Bernard: "Like peace in a pod..."
Erika: "Peace yer own pot, man. Leave mine alone."

-Bernard and Erika are drunk too, for the record (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"If I ever find the guy who appointed you buffoons security, I am going to tell everyone on a messageboard about it."

-Glenn Kaiba (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "I am never drinking alcohol ever again..."
Bree: "Now that's a depressing outlook on life."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Evan: "I'm about at the point where I'm not even going to bother anymore if it concerns Cassidy..."
Bree: "Well, at least she's not Sakura."
Sakura: "I heard that..."
Bree: "Good."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Seriously though, what would an elf be doing in the North Pole, of all places?"

-Jasper (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Jinn: "Dude. You're an elf. How do you not know your own race's involvement in Christmas?"
Jasper: "What involvement?"
Jinn: "Well, Santa has all these happy little elves making presents all year round for the kids in the world. They prepare his sleigh, feed the reindeer, ya know. That kind of stuff. They're supposed to live here in the North Pole but... eh. I haven't seen them yet. Maybe they're underground."
Jasper: "So... underground labor camps for a race enslaved into an endless life of servitude under some fatass human who annually gives away their lifework for free?"
Jinn: "Well... they're uh... they're happy all year. They're not really slaves..."
Jasper: "..."
Jinn: "I mean, it's... the best time of... the year?"

-(Dawnbreaker Legacies)

Jinn: *offers Jasper a bow* "You can use one of these right?"
Jasper: "Why would I know how to use one of those?"
Jinn: "Because elf."
Jasper: "Are you stereotyping an oppressed and enslaved minority?"
Jinn: "No. The other kind of elves. Ya know. The ones with the bows and - oh..."

-(Dawnbreaker Legacies)

*Glares at Zin, disguised as Poe, who is an elf*
Zin: *Glares back*
Jasper: "Santa was right about people like you."

-(Dawnbreaker Legacies)

Sakura: "Hey guys?"
Bernard: "Hey guy."
Cassidy: "Hey what?"
Bree: "Hey, shut up."

-(Dawnbreaker Legacies)

Sakura: *has a spider on their back*
Bernard: *cocks shotgun* "Now that's a bug. Want me to take care of it?"
Cassidy: "Don't accidentally shoot Sakura!"
Bree: "Please do..."

-(Dawnbreaker Legacies)

Bree: *pulls out a gun and points at Sakura and the spider*
Evan: "Um... Bree? What are you doing?"
Bree: "Trying to figure out which one to shoot."

-Ya get that feeling Bree doesn't like Sakura? (Dawnbreaker Legacies)

Glenn: *finds a book and opens it to read*
Kyle: "Is this really the time...?"
Glenn: "It's always the time for higher learning."

-(Dawnbreaker Legacies)

"Hard not to respect a comeback."

-Glenn Kaiba, upon getting shot in the foot by Kyle (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"The others are out there, somewhere, and we're stuck down here in the dirt fighting each other! Fighting each other instead of the one enemy that really counts! The one enemy we should be focusing on, and that's the giant goddamned Marshmallow Man outside."

-Kyle Rayne (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Uriah: "You're a scientist, yes?"
David: "I'd certainly like to think so."
Uriah: "What is your stance on napalm?"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Eleanor, you don't get friends from boxes or stores. Your mother talked about this."

-Carl Lambert apparition voicing disapproval of Jack (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "Sorry for being useless... Was never good around spiders."
Bernard: "Useless is as useless does, don't worry about it."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"I lost six and a half good men to those sinister trees!"

-Lollins (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)


-Jasper (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Evan... Cassidy is hitting on your ex-girl ex-girlfriend. I fucking hate this planet."

-Bree (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Coronata: "AUBRE!"
Aubre: "CORO!"
Coronata: "Jimbo needs our asses as the store pronto!"
Aubre: "But my uniform is at the dry cleaner for some reason!"
Coronata: "But we've got a washer and - gah you're insufferable sometimes!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"I don't wanna pickle. But I will."

-Coronata (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"She pickled my knee! I have never seen such power!"

-Ruupert (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Marissa: "I more than half expect to crash on a couch."
Glenn: "How about a hospital instead of a couch?"
Marissa: "Hospitals have couches..."
Glenn: "They have loveseats. Not couches. There's a difference."
Marissa: "What's wrong with loveseats?"
Glenn: "Everything."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Keith: "You all look absolutely terrible."
Marissa: *shoots Keith with a tazer*
Kyle: *hits Keith in the crotch*
Erika: *bursts out laughing*

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Why is it whenever the two of us meet a pair of guys, they try to kill us? I thought they were supposed to ask us out or something..."

-Aubre to Coro (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Officer 394: "Outta the way bud, I'll take it from here."
Officer Riley: "I believe it's mostly handled sir, I just need assistance cuffing them and escorting them to the squad cars."
Officer 394: "You're getting a citation for backtalking a superior."
Officer Riley: "Sir...?" *gets handed a citation* "What the...?"
Officer 394: "Dispatch, send someone to pick up Officer Riley. I think he needs some rehab."
Officer Riley: "Wait... what!? What about those people!"
Officer 394: "Those three... Get citations. That one..." *gestures at Coronata* "...I dunno. Never seen her before. Give her double the citation."
Coronata: "WHAT!?"
Officer 394: "And impound that car."
Officer Riley: "Just citations? B-but, they were shooting..."
Kyle: "On private property!"
Marissa: "At personal property..."
Officer 394: "Shooting, eh? Humm... Take their guns and give them another citation. 'Disturbing the Peace' we'll call it."
Tracy: "The guns were used as personal defense by the owner of the property, which is legal!"
Officer Riley: "But-but..."
Officer 394: "I don't buy that bullshit story. Give that one two citations for lying to an authority figure and impeding an official investigation."
Kyle: "I'm an off-duty police officer, I can verify the story."
Officer 394: "..."
Officer Riley: "..."
Coronata: "..."
Tracy: "..."
Marissa: "..."
Officer 394: "...Well why didn't ya say so in the first place! Blood of my flesh and whatever am I right? You guys are free to go. Officer Riley, you are hereby required to complete and pay for all of these citations for failure to bring this information to the limelight. I'm done here."

-Greatness (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Are you still here, Keller? I have to sympathy letters to write for the rest of the day. Take your file and get out. And here, take the shovel too. Use it to bury all your career hopes and dreams."

-Phil Good feels bad man  (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "I take it Jack and Eleanor aren't home."
Sakura: "No... And they're not the only thing I lost."
Tracy: "Wait... lost? Did... they even make it off the Island? I didn't see them the entire return trip..."
Sakura: "I don't know... but... I also lost my job..."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "I was going to see if you still had a spare room open for me in case the Raynes ever needed a break from storing my hide. But I see now that it really... really wouldn't work out..."
Sakura: "Well... there is Eleanor's old room but... well... I guess we'll see..."

-That's cold... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Sakura: "If we only focus on the negatives... we just drag ourselves down. The Collecter brought out something in me I don't want to see again. Probably brought out a Dark Side in all of us. The Island... pushed us to a breaking point as much as The Collector did. But through all of that... I found something I never thought I'd ever find again."
Tracy: "A good attitude?"
Sakura: "Well... love actually. But that's beside the point."

-Yes... it is... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Don't take this road with me, boy. My family is my life, and if I think there is a threat to that, you have no idea how far I'll go."

-David Rayne aka "The Criminal" (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Marissa: "Uhng... why is your floor made of stone..."
Glenn: "This is a low income apartment, of course it's made of stone..."
Marissa: "That... doesn't even make sense..."
Glenn: "I know."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Aubre: "Are you guys with the government or something?"
Fielder: "We're with the National Overwatch for Paranormal Events, in association with the Department of Magic and Mayhem."
Aubre: "Oh, good... for a second there I thought you guys were legitimate government agents."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Last chance, Ms. Smith. My friend here is all about the enhanced stuff. Enhanced cybernetics, enhanced weapons, enhanced interrogation techniques..."

-Agent Fielder talking about The Vigilante (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Aubre: "I need... something that indicate I can trust you."
Vigilante: "Your needs do not matter to me. And you are in no position to bargain."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Zin:  "Don't be simple. Do you even realize who - what - that is?"
Coronata: "You tell me you can help me, then proceed to pull the ultimate stereotypical about-face and try to kill me, only to run like a bitch when whatever plan you have backfires and you bite off more than you can chew... and I'M the simple one?!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Erika: "But there's a shitstorm heading our way, and I don't think we have long before it hits the fan."
Marissa: "What do you mean?"
Erika: "I don't know for sure. But Keith's here, in the city, right now, and that's never a good sign."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Kyle: *handcuffs Keith*
Keith:  "Oi, hang on now. After the last time I read the manual. I can't say I'm aware of any laws I've broken."
Kyle: "Disturbing the peace."
Keith: "Huh? There's no one here!"
Kyle: "Well, you're disturbing my peace."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Glenn: "That's horrible!"
Marissa: "I haven't even started yet.."
Glenn: "No. This bench is the size of a loveseat!"
Marissa: "...So it's a lovebench?"
Glenn: "Yes! It's so horrible! I need my safety chair!"

-You have your safety chair, but don't touch my safety tank! (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Ha! This so-called Air Force, is insignificant, next to the power of the Force Force!"

-Hared (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Hared: "As you can see, I am a mighty Sith Lord! Destined to slay the Jedi that scourge this world! But what is a Sith Lord without an apprentice!? AHA! That is where you come in! I, Darth Hared the Great, and you… Darth… Darth… What’s your name?"
Bree: "Bree..."
Hared: "DARTH BREE! Wait… that sounds stupid. How about Darth Breen? It’s very similar but carries much more villainous weight, don’t you think?"
Bree: "Dude, get the fuck out of my--"
Hared: "YES! Darth Hared the Great and his apprentice Darth Breen, the resurrectors of the lost Sith Order and final conquerors of the Jedi! We shall work wonders together, my young apprentice! Me, with my brains, brawn and skill, you with… all the good traits that you may happen to have!"

-He forgot to mention cookies... (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Hared: "Our Empire will stretch from horizon to horizon! All will qua--"
Bree: "We’re closed."
Hared: "Beg pardon?"
Bree: "It’s six-oh-one. The store closes at six. You need to leave."
Hared: "But… b-but… I haven’t finished yet!"
Bree: "No exceptions for anyone, not even Sith Lords."
Hared: "The nerve! Why, the powers that be shall rue this day!"
Bree: "I’m sure they shall." *pushes Hared out the door*
Hared: "YES! They shall! I swear it! Nobody denies Lord Hared! Nobo--"
Bree: *slams the door behind Hared*
Hared: "--dee…"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Sith Lords are like... the third most conspiratorial conspirators after the Illuminati and Durabi Sun Cult!"

-Cassidy (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Erika: "Why the hell haven't you reported this? Or, I don't know, told your friends?"
Sakura: "And say what? That my adopted daughter tried to kill me with magic because she believed I killed her father?"
Erika: "Uh...yeah? The police tend to frown upon people covering up the violent deaths of children, you know!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Cassidy would just like to relay that she is saddened by the news of Eleanor's death, is very sorry to the friends and family, and says she always knew Jack was secretly a member of the KKK because he was far too white not to be racist. I'd like to add that magic sucks ass. Bye."

-Bree (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Officer 394: "Station, this is 394 do you copy, over?"
Dispatch: "Affirmative we copy, what is your status, over?"
Officer 394: "Just made contact with what I believe is an extra-terrestrial flying fruit stand. Going to cite it for hogging flying lanes, over."
Dispatch: "Very well. See you in sixty, over."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Oh yeah, there are a bunch of guys outside watching your house. And also my sister says your brother arrested my brother─" *points at Tracy* "─and your cousin's roommate killed your cousin's daughter? And now you're sleeping on your floor looking like you've been in a brawl with an ink pen. What the hell's going on around here?"

-Lauren summarizes a rather confusing multiplot (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"There's a camera at eye level on the door. Not your eye level, wimpy guy next to you's eye level. I want to see the warrant."
Vigilante: *lowers self so mechanical eye is level with the camera* "I do not recall offering you any choices in this matter, woman. Open the door, or I will cut it open."
Samantha: *shoots Vigilante's eye through the door* "COME BACK WITH A WARRANT."
Fielder: "Well shit..."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

M&M Agent 1: "Now what do we do?"
M&M Agent 2: "I guess we're done..."
M&M Agent 3: "Imma-gonna back to Italia...."

-The dissolution of Magic & Mayhem (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Cops don't shoot other cops' family members. It's a rule."

-Lauren, who was ironically correct, since the cops didn't shoot any of Kyle's family members, just everyone else (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Officer Stache: "Put down the gun!"
Lauren: "Let me see your IDs first!"
Officer Two: "Isn't that what we're supposed to ask?"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Lauren: "I need to see some proof that you all are legit before I hand my own or my friends' safety over to you. So you can either give me that proof and get some medics over here, or you can shoot at some teenaged girls and see how long you keep your jobs."
Officer Stache:"I shoot teenaged girls for breakfast!"
Officer Two: "I think the phrase is supposed to be "eat", right?"
Officer Stache: "Oh, please! Eating teenaged girls? That's disgusting man!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Agent: "I CAN'T!"
Agent: *shoots Lauren*
Tracy: *shoots Agent*
Officer Perry: *shoots Agent*
Agent: *dies*

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Remember kids, always comply with your friendly, neighborhood police officers."

-Officer Two (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "I can't breath..."
Officer Stache: "Ma'am, if you couldn't breath, then you wouldn't be able to say that you couldn't breath. Please stop exaggerating. Sheesh... teenage girls."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Tracy: "I'm dying..."
Officer Stache: "You can't die, you're supposed to live forever!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Well gentlemen, I'd say this was a very successful day. A tense situation defused, people dying, a house burned down, and a couple teenage girls shot for breakfast. Yes, very successful indeed."

-Officer Stache (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Station, I've made contact with the extra-terrestrial-flying-fruitstand. It appears to have taken an old man hostage. Going to investigate. Over."

-Officer 394 (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Officer 394:
"All right there, E.T. Been tracking you all across the city and I've got citations for littering, breaking-and-entering, unauthorized..." *continues rambling citations* "...and clogging air traffic lanes. What do you have to say for yourself?" *picks up an apple and takes a bite*
Mortem: "That'll be twenty-five cents..."
Officer 394: "You DARE bribe an officer of the law?!"

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Whatever you do, Rayne, always use your full ass. The other half won't do you any good in reserve."

-Uriah Daniels (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

This post.

Uriah: "You know, I was beginning to wonder."
Kyle: "I can't believe that worked!"
Uriah: "Nevermind. I still wonder."
Kyle: "Wonder what?"
Uriah: "If you lied about your IQ score on your application."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Uriah: "Rayne. You do realize that joining the police force specifically in order to access information and bypass the law for your own personal gain is literally the definition of a dirty cop, right?"
Kyle: "Yeah. My girlfriend would be proud."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Hawaiian's back in style, motherfucker."

-Kyle Rayne (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Kyle: "You know what, I think I will let you live. I'll let you live just long enough to get the news of your friends dying, one by one, then I'll come back here for the ultimate I-told-you-so, and give you a second chance at trying to stop me. Deal?"
Goodman: "Heh. Y'know, I think you're crazy enough to actually try it. Hell, might even get to one of them. Maybe two. But you're gonna die, kid."
Kyle: "That's for you to know, and me to find out... or... something."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Officer Whitley: "Officer Whitley requesting backup on the first floor, got an escaping detainee."
Marissa: "-I'm not escaping, you're not listening! The room you put me in was just broken into by-"
Officer Whitley: "She's armed."
Marissa: "It's a blanket..."
Officer Whitley: "And blue."
Marissa: "That's racist."
Officer Whitley: "Keep your hands in the air!"
Marissa: "I've already surrendered, you idiot, now listen to me for five seconds!"
Officer Whitley: "Don't move! Now slowly put your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers."
Marissa: "There are sorcerers in the holding ward. You need to send someone there, or evacuate the building, otherwise-"
Officer Whitley: "Anything you say can and will be used against you."
Marissa: "..."

-CPD, excellence in policing since... never (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Vogel: "You are your men need to come with me; we have an dangerous situation in the holding wing and it needs to be contained now."
Mr R: "Can we get some more colors first?"
Yellow: "Who were you looking to bring in? You already got Green and Yellow!"
Blank: "And Blank..."
Mr. R: "I was thinking maybe Blue."
??? : "Nobody likes Blue."
??? : "Racist."
Mr. R: "And Orange."
Yellow: "But I'm Yellow!"
Mr. R: "Red?"
??? : "He's a psychopath!"
Mr R: "White?"
??? : "White power!"
Mr. R: "You're talking to a black man..."
??? : "Fine we can bring in White. Anyone else?"
Mr R: "... Black?"
??? : "Typical."
??? : "From one Extreme to the other."
Mr. R: "Sound good?"
Vogel: "..."

-Meet the Rainbow Brigade (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

* - Note that I wasn't sure who was speaking for all the ones marked " ??? " since it isn't specified.

Mr. R:
Coro: *Throws gun at Mr. R and hits him*
Mr. R: "Aah!" *skids and falls*
Rainbow Brigade: *comes around the corner and surrounds everyone*
Mr: R: *stands up* "You magicer scum..."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Vogel: "I'm a Federal Agent, I have ID in my suit pocket!"
Officer Stache: "Oh, we have ID do we? I suppose you're gonna ask for OURS now, aren't ya!?"
Officer Two: "Here we go again..."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

"Well gentlemen, I'd say this was a very successful night. A tense situation defused, people dying, a hospital burned down, and..." *watches Marissa who is a teenage girl not shot before breakfast* "Eh, can't get everything... Yes, mostly successful indeed!"

-Officer Stache (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

“So... You can tame fire.”

-Freidrich Trevor (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

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RP Quotes
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Part 3 of Act III. So many quotes, so little... whatever...

******Dawnbreaker: Legacies Act III Part 3 Quotes******

Marissa: "Glenn? What are you doing here?"
Glenn: "Going to prison, evidently."
Aubre: "Wait? Who said anything about prison? They can't do that to us without a trial, right?"
Glenn: "Dunno. Don't care. I'm chained to a loveseat, so I must be going to prison."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Hazmat 1: "Did you hear that?"
Hazmat 2: "Hear what?"
Hazmat 1: "There was a noise, over there."
Hazmat 2: "Over where?"
Hazmat 1: "There!"
Hazmat 2: "I didn't see anything."
Hazmat 1: "Me neither. It was a noise."
Hazmat 2: "The only thing that annoys me is you. And your poor eyesight."

-Joyce Enterprises employees (Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Hazmat 1: "...the fuck?"
Hazmat 2: "That's a rock, dumbass."
Hazmat 1: "The fuck is it doing?"
Hazmat 2: "Flying off this inbred planet, and fulfilling its dreams..."
Hazmat 1: "Rocks can't fly."
Hazmat 2: "But you know what can? Rockets."
Hazmat 1: "What do rockets have to do with anything?"
Hazmat 2: "Dreams, man. Dreams."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Hazmat 2: "Something, or someone else, is hovering this rock."
Hazmat 1: "Levitating."
Hazmat 2: "Right. You should look for them. First though, take this, I want a picture with the aspirational rock. The kids'll love it."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)

Kyle:  "This isn't legal. We've had no trial, and some people here have committed no crimes."
Glenn: "He's not one of them."
Aubre: "I thought he looked kind of shifty."

-(Dawnbreaker: Legacies)


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Jay: "We need to steal the squishy."
Sorcerer: "What squishy?"
Nessie: "The ground."

-Dawnbreaker: ??

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Reserved for Legacies

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Reserved for Legacies

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******Star Pirates: Buccaneers in Space******

HAX: "Quarry: Do you ever wonder why we are here?"
Marty: "Don't you mean 'query'?"
HAX: "Condescending Correction - Yes, Quartermaster. Query. However, I fear my programmed intellect has once again flown over your head."

-HaxK-47 at your service, meatbag

"I think my partner and I should teach you a few mannerisms."


Bartender: "Woman, this is unacceptable! Look what you did to my ceiling! That will take minutes to fix! I demand compensation!"
Jordan: "Uh..."
Claret: "Could always go to the owner of the gun."
Bartender: "Wait! By jove, the gun did this! I shall blame the gun! So sorry for the confusion, miss."

-Because guns kill people, people don’t kill people

Boss: "Tony, Tony, Tony..."
Toni: "There's only two of us, you know..."
Boss: "Whateva'! Look, I dunno and I dun care 'bout what's happening in Section 12. I gotta far more serious problem."
Tony: "What's that?"
Boss: "Da cable's out! I can't watch Oprah re-runs without my cable, see? And when I can't watch Oprah, I get very... very... eh, Johnny, what's da word?"
Johnny: "I believe 'bird' is the word you are looking for, captain!"
Boss: "I get very, very bird."

-Da Boss embraces the bird!

Boss: "Are you questioning my orders, Tony? Do you remember what happens when people don't obey my orders, hm? What's the word Johnny?"
Johnny: "Dead?"
Boss: "Dead happens to dose people, Tony. Don't let dead happen to you."

-Da Boss and Johnny

Yankem: "I prefer the Hyperdrive."
Jordan: "Why the hell would you prefer a Hyperdrive!?"
Yankem: "Because. It is far easier to apply anesthesia to a non-willing person high on whatever a Hyperdrive does to people than it is a regular person. That is how I lost my medical license, trying to anesthesialize a man during a Sling Jump. He flew forward, I flew backward, right into security."
HAX: "Accusation - You are truly the scum of this galaxy."
Yankem: "Hey, I just wanted his spleen!"

-Yeah! What’s wrong with that?

Wally: "And my ship is a bloody mess..."
HAX: "Objection - Your ship is not a bloody mess, Captain - My sensors cannot detect any Human-Alien DNA samples anywhere on the floors of the vessel!"

-Captain Walls and HAX

Jordan: "Oh mah gawd we're gonna crash into the pyramids!"
Marty: "The pyramids!? Don't be ludicrous! The pyramids wouldn't be flying in these parts this time of year!"
Jordan: "It's no use! I can't do this!"
Sharpe: "Ms. Sasaki, might I remind you that the penalty for failing to obey the captain's order according to Article Eleven, Section D is to be given thirty lashes and denied recreational privileges for a week!"
Jordan: "Holy shit, I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!"
Cardinal: *bursts into the room* "NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!"

Cutler: "Good work, engineering. Might wanna get up here before your friend murders Marty though."
Claret: "Yea... well... gonna be a few..."
Cutler: "Gonna be a few murders?"
Claret: "Minutes."

-I liked murders better...

Jordan: "Hey, dwarf, what happened to the fireworks?"
Marty: "Did you just call me a dwarf?"
Jordan: "Yeah... aren't you?"
Marty: "I won't be called a dwarf by a giant talking banana! Your kind might think they own this ship, but you'll soon have another thing coming!"
Jordan: "Oh yeah? Bring it shorty!" *busts Marty’s nose*
Marty: "Ow... ih' broke mah noze… Shawpe, di'ya see tha'?"
Sharpe: "I see everything. Crewman banana, you are to be reprimanded at once for unsanctioned assault on an acting officer!"
Jordan: "I am not a friggin' banana! I'm the Empress of Japan, damn it!"

-Jordan-Li Sasaki reveals her true heritage

"Bewilderment - dot dot dot."


Jordan: "What are you guys doing?"
Marty: "Something I've never done before..."
Jordan: "Thinking?"
Marty: "..."
Jordan: "..."
Marty: "I think you're an idiot."
Jordan: "Hey, you're already getting good at this thinking thing!"

-Jordan and Marty

Wally: "Anyone hurt?"
Cutler: "My shoulder's hurt... I think I'm going to need to sit out the rest of the plot."

-Mr. Cutler doing what he does

*security is dragging Marty away*
Marty: "BOSS! They're taking me downstairs again! TELL THEM TO LET ME GO!"
Wally: "Indeed. HEY! Unhand my Man at Arms, you swine!"
Marty: "I'm a man-at-arms?"
Cutler: "Marty's a man-at-arms?"
Jordan: "He's the man-at-arms?"
Sharpe: "Release the captain's man-at-arms at once! How dare you arrest a bridge officer of such total and inescapable importance?!"

-Does anybody know what a man-at-arms is???

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