Author Topic: Age of Retribution Part V: The "Special" Force  (Read 241998 times)

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Age of Retribution Part V: The "Special" Force
Posted May 26 2020, 04:19 PM
"You as well," Gort said as he stood up. "Where are you off too, if I might ask?"

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Age of Retribution Part V: The "Special" Force
Posted May 26 2020, 07:34 PM
Lux looked like he was about to respond, but he another heavy step forward by his hulking partner caused him to close his mouth and just smile.

"Oh, you know... back home to the south," he said instead with a shrug, "If you're ever in the neighborhood, maybe you'll see us!"

"Or maybe you won't," the armored man added, an ominous tinge in his voice.

"Ah, such a sense of humor!" Lux laughed as he quickly approached his comrade and began steering him toward the door, "Come, let us be off and allow these fine folks to rest in peace! Pleasant dreams, Mister Gort."

And with that, the two vanished were out the door and on the road, quickly vanishing into the growing shadows of nightfall from the east.

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Age of Retribution Part V: The "Special" Force
Posted Jun 10 2020, 09:55 AM
"Very odd. They seem to be in a hurry." Miller suggested.

"Tau." wondered Harvey, "Never heard of that name. Do you recognize the name, Gort?"

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Age of Retribution Part V: The "Special" Force
Posted Jun 10 2020, 02:48 PM
“No, but I had a friend once who might have known,” Gort said thoughtfully. He then stood up, “Well it’s been an interesting day gentlemen, but I think I’m going to turn in for the night.”

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Age of Retribution Part V: The "Special" Force
Posted Jun 10 2020, 08:20 PM
"And so shall we!" agreed Miller and started to walk upstairs, "Oh, Wait a minute! I can't go to bed with out a drink! Where's the wine?" he called and walked to the back room.

"Doodles and I are gonna sleep next to the fireplace." said Cranky, "It's safer and warmer there."

Harvey went upstairs to the bedrooms and suddenly remembered about the Veridean war.

"Hm. Sure do remember Veridea." he said to himself, "Never know they would say that."

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Age of Retribution Part V: The "Special" Force
Posted Jul 30 2020, 03:44 PM
The men made their way up the stairs to their room and drifted off the sleep for the night. That is, except for Gort.

Gort laid in his bed staring at the ceiling thinking. Each time they had come to the inn, they had heard the supposed ghost. This night was different; there were no howls, no cackles. Just silence. He thought back to the last time they stayed at the inn, and the document he had spent the night examining. A document, he had taken from Westinburg.

After the Special Force had helped restore the Westinburg monarchy, and while he was alone, Gort had begun to wander some of the old halls of the keep, which he had frequented many years earlier. Yet turning a corner, he found himself in a hall that he was not as familiar with. This part of the keep was kept very secretive, and even Gort, with his position, had been restricted from there.

He stepped into a practically empty room. What this room had previously been used for he couldn’t tell. All that remained were a few large pieces of furniture and several broken chairs. He passed through the room to the back, where there lay a dark wood cabinet, covered in papers, dust, and cobwebs. He reached into the top drawer and felt around, then pulled a tiny lever in the back. A hidden door popped open to his right, and a musty odor emitted causing Gort to wince. A small window let a beam of light into the room, filling it with a haze from the years of built up dust. Several cabinets lined the walls, and parchments were sprawled out on a desk in the back.

During the Monarchy of King Phillip there existed an organization called the Cultures, Customs, and Magic Investigations Department, more commonly known as the Department. It had been in shambles since the fall of the monarchy, and it’s extensive library of information and documents had been almost completely destroyed. That was, except for this room.

Gort knew that the king had been receiving information from the department, and that he had secretly been storing up files he thought were useful. While Gort didn’t recognize most of the cases he was looking through, one caught his eye; the department had found a lead on someone who had gone missing several years before the revolution, and most likely, had hoped to remain missing. He had hoped so too. Attached to the file was a report listing seven agents who had been sent to find the person, and he knew their names too well. He had dealt with them during his time in the king’s military, and knew they were the type who would find any opportunity to supplement their meager income. If they had found this person, it would have been disastrous for not only that person, but for Gort.

He was brought back to the present by a sudden swooshing noise. The others had dozed off several hours earlier, and the wind had been quiet up that night. He arose from his bed, but before he entered the hallway, took the document he had found in Westinburg and put it in his pocket; he didn’t trust to leave it in the room.

The hall was enveloped in darkness except for a faint light shining from under one of the doors; it was one of the unoccupied rooms. Gort drew out his dagger, and hid it under the cape that covered his shoulders. He slowly opened the door, and could see a figure standing before the window. He was tall in stature, with raven black hair that reflected the light of the moon shining through the window. He did not turn to face Gort, but stood erect and proud, staring into the darkness of night.

“He suggested the screeching ghost approach,” the figure stated after Gort stepped one foot into the room, “but apparently that doesn’t gain much attention in your group.”

“Silence is a rarity,” Gort answered as he cautiously shut the door.

“How have you been?” the figure asked, still not turning to face him.

“That’s a loaded question.”

“I’m sorry, it has been too long. I’ve been busy, I assume you know why.”

“I still don’t fully know if you’re alive or not,” Gort said with irritation as he replaced his dagger, “So no, I think you should explain a few things.”

The figure laughed and turned to Gort. He recognized him immediately, but the light of the window seemed to shine through him slightly.

“I’m alive,” the figure answered, “I’m just not here.”

“I don’t believe in an afterlife.”

“Oh, not that… this is one of his concoctions. I’m in hiding, just like you should be. But instead, you’ve been seen in Westinburg.”

“It wasn’t my idea!” Gort snapped back, “Morry got this crazy idea to start a mercenary group, and he’s been unstoppable lately. We’ve helped start a revolution, save a town from a wyvern, burn down a town…”

“Those were Morry’s ideas?”

Gort nodded, “Or what resulted from them.”

“It’s not like him to act foolhardy. A bit eccentric, but nothing like that,” the figure pondered.

“Well that memory spell must have some side effects, because it’s gotten worse over the last month or so.”

“I’ll look into it.”

“He’s also a frog at the moment. Not sure where he hopped off to.”

“That… does seem to pose a problem. I’ll see what I can do to locate him. I really wish you would have kept a tighter reign on him…”

“It’s not me who should be here, this is your family! This is your responsibility! I assumed you never came back because you were dead. But no, you’ve just been hiding!”

“I thought that had been explained to you,” Mektora said, not at all affected by Gort’s outburst. “How much were you told?”

Regaining his composure, to an extent, Gort replied, “I know the night before our attack on Westinburg, you received that leaked report of the team sent to Acrylia. I know you went after them, and I never heard from you again.”
“Oh dear, you haven’t been kept informed at all. I, on the other hand, have heard all about your attack on Westinburg. I’m glad to hear it was successful.”

“I was almost pinned as a traitor, it would have been easier had you been there.”
Mektora shook his head, “No, if I had led my attack along side yours it would have been obvious we had no intention of saving the King. With my absence, there was enough confusion with your soldiers, mine, and the Vensians, that no one really knows who did what.”
“Or who killed the King,” Gort muttered.

“I’m sure you had no other choice,” Mektora assured him, “And our secret died with him and the Department, so everyone is safer for it.”

“You still haven’t told me what happened to you,” Gort said, prying himself from the painful memory.

“Oh, well I pursued the agents into Acrylia, but they split up, so I had to find and remove each one separately. By the time I got to the last two, they had found their quarry.”

“Oh no…”

“Really Gort? They were good agents, but not that good. They didn’t realize who they came to kill. They also didn’t count on me showing up at the same time.”

“Then everything was kept safe?”

“Yes, on my end at least.”

“And that took you fifteen years?”

“I was told it wasn’t necessary for me to come back. So I decided to stay here and protect our… southern asset. I didn’t want to come racing down here again.”

“I am curious though,” Gort said as he pulled out the parchment he had put in his cloak, “How long did it take you to track down all seven agents?”

“What do you mean all seven?

“All seven agents. I’m assuming it took you several years to find the first five.”

Mektora took the paper from Gort, and looked at it over and over again before groaning, “Lorimer.”

“What about Lorimer?”

“He wasn’t there.”

Mektora squinted his eyes and held the bridge of his nose, “He’s still out there. He’s still looking.”

“Lorimer was a good agent,” Gort said, “I find it hard to believe that if he was still alive, that he wouldn’t have found you by now. Or back when he first started out, for that matter.”

“Lorimer was the leader, and I’m sure he had a buyer, and I’d bet my life on who it is. Most likely he went to meet them first, and then would meet up with his group later. They didn’t know I was following, so he wouldn’t have had any reason to worry. No, he’s still out there.”

“This isn’t good,” Gort sighed.

“No, and now you’ve gone and stirred up a bunch of excitement on top of it. That will definitely attract unwanted attention.”

“It was bound to happen eventually, Torry.”

“Regardless, you really need to lay low. We don’t need anyone seen who was involved in what happened.”

“Speaking of that, you won’t believe who I saw a few days ago.”



“There’s a look-a-like of you around. Pretty good one too; must be magically enhanced. He’s the one who led us into Westinburg, and he’s the one who convinced the crowd to put the monarchy back in place.”

“He convinced the crowd? That doesn’t sound at all like me! How on earth did they buy it?”

“It’s Westinburg.”

They both paused, and thought over the situation. Mektora spoke first.

“If people think they’re seeing me, that’s putting us in a dangerous situation. We don’t need word to spread.”

“I know who did it too.”


“Figures. Her husband was an annoying rat; too close to the King.”

“Yet you left him in command of your troops.”

“It made for a convincing collapse of the monarchy. He had no leadership abilities, so it probably made your job easier. But as for Mindi... no doubt she wants to restore the monarchy so she can gain power herself. Well that makes it worse. Either way, if they come looking for my impostor, that will lead them to Mindi, which will lead them to Morry.”

Gort knew immediately what Mektora had in mind.

“We CANNOT go back to Westinburg!”

“You have to take him out, Gort. And Mindi too, if you can handle it. This has to be cleaned up.”

“This seems like a repeat of before, Torry. And like before, you won’t be here.”

“You handled it just fine last time. I trust you.”
“I had soldiers then.”

“You said Morry assembled a mercenary group. That sounds promising.”
“You haven’t seen them,” Gort sighed, “You expect too much.”

“Always,” Mektora smiled.

“All roads lead back to Westinburg,” Gort sighed as he went to the door. He looked back at Mektora, shut the door, and then slowly walked back to his room. Mektora then faded into the darkness.
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Age of Retribution Part V: The "Special" Force
Posted Jan 05 2021, 09:00 AM
Next morning, everything was quiet. Everyone were still in their beds...except for Miller who slept in the back room...all night. Until, he rolled to his right side, swung his hand, and hit the lowest shelf which made a jar of beans tip and fall on his head.


"GAH!" Miller jumped to his feet and looked both ways sharply, "Oh. Well that was a fine drink! And now, to bed I go!"

He was about to walk up the stairs, but he looked outside to see that it was...daylight!

"Huh? That's odd. It can't be daylight in the middle of the night. Maybe the moon decided to let the sun take over his job for the night. Hm. Oh well. Guess I'll be sleeping with the sun shining tonight."

And he walked up the stairs to his room.
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