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The Dawnbreaker Debate
Posted Oct 19 2016, 09:15 AM
The blaze rapidly expanded, soon forming a bright beacon in the sky that could be seen for miles around. And somewhere, miles away, hovering high above the flattened plains, a CIS armada was buzzing around searching for that missing SuperBattleDroid they'd lost so long ago.

"General Grevious, there is an orbital strike beacon to the Northeast!" one of the battledroid pilots reported.

"Gooood..." *cough* *cough* "Move the fleet into position and CRUSH THEM!" Grevious commanded, clinching his mechanical fists dramatically.

"Roger roger."


Meanwhile, as the fire seemed to threaten to bring the whole building down, one heroic fellow with a garden hose burst through the front door and started spraying water upon the massive fire.

"I WILL SAVE US ALL!" he cried to the sky... only to see a giant ship through a hole in the ceiling up above.



The spot where the hero was standing was obliterated by a turbolaser blast. Another blast followed. Then another. Pretty soon the entire building was completely obliterated by the Separatist fleet. As a result, the CIS did what the Operation couldn't do (because they cut the nature budget) and cleaned up some litter that had been left on the otherwise pristine, flat, bombed-out Wyoming landscape.

And so, a bunch of people died, a building was flattened, some tribbles survived the destruction and began to conquer the planet, and everything was right in the world.


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